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The Battle Between Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud in Cloud Migration Landscape

There is no denying that ‘digital’ is the way forward for modern businesses. As these businesses increasingly become digitally native, the migration toward cloud technology has become pervasive. Cloud computing continues to change the business landscape, making it easier, faster, and cheaper, for running the IT architecture within large enterprises.

However, not every workload is suited to be stored with public or private cloud against the backdrop of regulatory requirements, complex legacy systems, or various other muti-faceted reasons. Furthermore, partnering with only one cloud service provider can bring risks in case something goes wrong with that CSP. This has resulted in the debate between choosing a multicloud and hybrid cloud for the process of cloud migration.

Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud – Which One to Choose?

Cloud computing space is dynamic in nature, where security remains a top priority and multicloud approach a key. Findings from some recent studies, which include a survey of over 200 business executives, conclude at insights such as

  • Approximately 36% of organizations are currently in the cloud migration process.

  • Nearly 20% are in the advanced stage of implementation.

  • While 46% cited they leveraged the hybrid cloud model, 54% pressed the motivating factor of multicloud’s benefits in terms of security and avoiding vendor lock-in.

More and more organizations are shifting their workloads to the cloud and that too at an unprecedented rate. With the promises of hybrid cloud and multicloud, an increasing number of enterprises are now aspiring cloud migration. While organizations continue to move to the cloud at a faster rate than before, the realization that migrating critical information resources is challenging is tugged in the course.

Businesses are adopting data analytics to alleviate pain points through the construction of data services architectures. This will enable them to leverage their data and benefit from cloud modernization, hybrid data fabric, and analytics.

Enterprise Multicloud Growth Complemented by Automation Tools

Global leaders in cloud computing are looking to facilitate the move to multicloud for their customers with the aid of automation tools. These players are eyeing relationships with cloud migration specialists. The intent behind both drives is to enable customers to simplify the daunting task of moving legacy and new applications to multicloud environments.

Typical cloud processes need re-architecting, re-platforming, and re-hosting, which is time-intensive based on the volume and readiness of applications to be migrated. During the creation of multicloud and hybrid cloud environments, challenges are incurred for a company in terms of managing high data volumes, workflows, and services. This is where the advent of new services takes place.

Global cloud giants are taking efforts to roll out new automation features to help customers ebb the time taken to modernize and migrate applications for the multicloud or hybrid cloud environments. It is touted that new solutions would involve algorithms deduced from exhaustive complex migration and modernization that improve planning accuracies. These will also reduce risks by unveiling technical and process challenges and dependencies earlier in the lifecycle. 

The Way Ahead

Complexity and culture are frequently cited obstacles to success and the faster the technology providers adapt to speed, the better. Businesses are on the mark to embrace new mindsets and manage dynamic complexities that exist and get created. This is further compelling organizations to value people as innovators and creative problem solvers more than ever before. The move toward multicloud and hybrid cloud is underway and will continue to remain driven by the acute requirement for IT modernization.

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