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Blazeclan Helps Quantum Gaming Transform its AWS Environment for Enhanced Performance

About Quantum Gaming

Quantum Gaming, a leading player in the revenue-generating gaming industry, sought to expand its customer base and improve its existing projects hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To ensure a seamless and optimised setup, Quantum engaged with Blazeclan for a comprehensive Well-Architected Review.

The Challenge

Quantum Gaming faced the following challenges and requirements:

  • Assessing the AWS environment for adherence to best practices and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Optimising costs, enhancing security, and maximising performance efficiency.
  • Paving a well-structured roadmap to create a production-ready environment that aligns with the scalability plans.

“I am delighted to share my outstanding experience with Blazeclan. From the start, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs and provided solutions that exceeded our expectations. Blazeclan's expertise in cloud services and digital transformation has been instrumental in optimizing our operations and positioning us for future growth. Their commitment to client satisfaction, transparent communication, and adaptability to changing requirements set them apart as a reliable and innovative partner. I highly recommend Blazeclan to any organization seeking a results-driven partner for their IT and digital transformation initiatives.“

Oliver De Bono, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Quantum Gaming

Our Solution

Blazeclan recommended a Well-Architected Review, a three-day hands-on mission to assess Quantum Gaming’s AWS accounts. This approach enabled a comprehensive evaluation of their infrastructure across the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Sustainability.

Blazeclan Implemented the Following to Achieve Quantum’s Objectives:

  1. Review Activation: Blazeclan activated the Well-Architected Review portal within Quantum Gaming’s AWS account.
  2. Collaborative Analysis: Through collaborative work sessions, Blazeclan and Quantum Gaming answered a series of questions to evaluate their environment.
  3. In-Depth Assessment: Leveraging tools and expertise, Blazeclan conducted a detailed assessment of Quantum Gaming’s architecture, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. Recommendations and Roadmap: Blazeclan presented a set of recommendations, categorised as urgent, less urgent, and long-term, along with a strategic roadmap to guide Quantum Gaming’s future actions.

Benefits Achieved by Quantum Gaming

The implementation of Blazeclan’s recommendations yielded significant advantages for Quantum Gaming:

  • Streamlined Deployment: Quantum Gaming decided to create a fresh AWS environment, following best practices and optimising resources for future scalability.
  • Enhanced Performance: With a well-architected environment, Quantum Gaming experiences improved operational efficiency, reliability, and performance.
  • Cost Optimization: Blazeclan’s focus on cost optimisation allowed Quantum Gaming to allocate resources effectively, reducing unnecessary expenses.
  • Accelerated Growth: By partnering with Blazeclan, Quantum Gaming experienced a 35-45% faster transition, enabling rapid development and expansion.
  • Expert Guidance: Blazeclan’s cloud architects provided valuable insights and advice, ensuring Quantum Gaming achieved its objectives while avoiding potential pitfalls.