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Workshop on Workplace by Facebook

Accelerate Workplace transformation with BlazeClan: 4 Takeaways from Beginners Workshop on Workplace by Facebook.

Over the past decades, communication has changed at an unprecedented rate.

The technology ecosystem of phones, emails, chat, and shared sites is passé, and has been replaced by a growing number of open platforms that foster easier communication and collaboration within organisations.

Internal communication between employees plays an important role in the growth of the organization. Workplace by Facebook is the new-generation tool to simplify communication and promote employee engagement. It offers social networking, messaging and productivity tools to dismantle silos, fuel digital capability and modernize internal and external communications. As a matter of fact, Workplace has already helped more than 30,000 organizations worldwide and created over 10,00,000 groups to streamline communication.

As an authorised Workplace Service Partner, BlazeClan organized a beginner’s workshop on Workplace. BlazeClan along with the Workplace team presented the changing landscape of the enterprise communication and discussed the benefits associated with Workplace that helps in mitigating location and time gap between employees.

Here are four key takeaways – organizations can uplift their internal communication to the next level:

What is Workplace?

Workplace is a collaborative platform run by Facebook, Inc. It is used to communicate via groups, to chat with colleagues and offer the features of the social network in a corporate environment.

What are its core features?

Workplace is a reflection of the consumer version of Facebook, with a mission to connect everyone at work. Its distinctive features that make it stand out include:

Communication Features

  • Live video streaming
  • Voice and video calls (desktop and mobile)
  • Workplace and Workplace Chat apps (iOS/Android)

Productivity Features

  • Unlimited file, photo and video storage
  • Unlimited team and project groups
  • Integration with file storage providers
  • Secure collaboration between companies

Enterprise Features

  • Administrative controls to manage communities
  • Monitoring tools for IT Teams
  • Integrations with e-discover and compliance providers
  • Automation, Chatbot, and Custom Integrations

Multi-Company Groups

A unique feature of Workplace by Facebook is the ability to create multi-company groups allowing people from different companies, with Workplace accounts, to collaborate on a single project.

  • Secret multi-company groups are visible to company admins, group members and people who have been invited to the group.
  • Closed multi-company groups are visible to company admins, group members, people who have been invited to the group and anybody who’s a member of a company in the group.

Starbucks Coffee, Employee Engagement, and Feedback

As the workshop progressed, Starbuck’s early Workplace adoption was discussed, it yielded how employees from different locations are connecting with each other. Starbucks is making use of Workplace to connect its workforce across borders. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of its employees in the United States are making use of Workplace to communicate and share customer happiness. Workplace is playing an incredible role in eradicating communication gaps between employees who are sharing new strategies, plans, and customer delight. Workplace has given Starbucks a new dimension to connect their employees with each other, its early adoption has unlocked new capabilities in sharing customer feedback, arrange meets, push positive workforce engagement, and foster a healthy employer-employee relationship.

What is BlazeClan’s role?

As an authorized deployment and implementation partner, BlazeClan aims to educate enterprises how they can increase the productivity of employees by keeping all the internal communication in one digital location.

On a mission to transform organization into digital business, BlazeClan takes an enterprise-wide approach to improve customer and employee experiences. Our offerings include:

  • Workplace Adoption RoadmapWe can help organization to build their strategy and workplace roadmap by conducting change management workshops periodically. Since we are the front-runners in Cloud space, we help them align their digital transformation strategy with their vision.
  • Workplace Deployment and ImplementationWe empower our customers with customized onboarding, creating multi-company groups, organizational hierarchies and building strong leadership community.
  • Automated Build and Custom IntegrationsBy leveraging DevOps principles and lean methodology, we support in creating department-centric custom bots – HR, ADMIN, Customer Care Support etc. ensuring increased productivity and reduced friction around non-value adding tasks.
  • Customer-Centric AnalyticsOur team creates visualization tools with a minimal learning curve to infer analytics and understand employee sentiments.

Connect with us with and learn how Workplace and BlazeClan can help you improve communication across the organisation, transform your workplace for the digital age and nurture the idea of innovation across the organization.

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