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Solving business problems with cloud computing: A perspective seen from AWS

Early cloud adopters are receiving the next-gen benefits at an early stage. Of all the recent technologies that have created a buzz in the business environment, cloud computing tops the list and thanks to AWS platform, more businesses have accepted the switch to a cloud-based environment.

If you run a business, you are quite aware of the painful and highly expensive technology that have intervened your business scaling. AWS has come as a blessing and ensures availability of all technologies under one roof and the attractive point is it is reasonably priced.

Business problems explained

Isn’t it too difficult to manage the large chunk of data that arrives from multiple sources to operate your business? The pain point here lies not only in management but also in identification of efficient infrastructure that will sort data and store accordingly. The term ‘efficiency’ is used here because it has to serve the data of large sized companies. Also, there is a high concern towards data security. Even if a technology is identified to manage data, it is still prone to hacking.

The other pain point commonly faced by every business is the low change resistance to a new technology. It is equally difficult to find a competent human resource who can work in the new technology and uplift the business returns. Also, the technologies are not easy to use and implement as they always require a technical knowledge to make the best use of it.

Another underlying concern for most businesses is with the cost of technology. With quality technological solution comes a hefty cost which small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford. To install an infrastructure, there is a fixed cost as well as recurring costs. When the users are high in number, it is mandatory for you to invest more which is not viable in reality.

What is the solution?

With several key business problems highlighted in the previous section, it is perhaps a difficult decision for a business to invest in technology but here comes a technology that rescues every business owner. Cloud computing acts as a wonderful technology that can handle data in a secured manner and is also easy to use. It does not restrict the number of users and is completely customizable.

To further enhance the efficiency of cloud computing to a business, AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform comes into picture. The primary purpose of AWS is to add ease to a business by gaining a quick grip over technology and to ensure data security thereby enjoying a better rapport with the users.

AWS has an answer for all business problems

A common worry about hosting on cloud platform is the data security although the developer informs about the security plans already in action. AWS relieves businesses with its data security option where the AWS infrastructure deploys high technical and physical controls that will inform the user about the location of content and also permit sophisticated controls on the data management.

Additionally by adopting AWS platform, you get rid of the following:

  • You don’t have to sit inside your organization at all times to use technology. Just use on the go!
  • You are less vulnerable to disaster and there is also a handy recovery plan associated with the platform. This tightens the security.
  • You do not have to worry about data indexing and retrieval as there are machine learning algorithms and data visualization concepts that will do your work. There are inbuilt containers that are applied based on workload.
  • Database migrations are safe and instant.
  • You don’t need to install a separate server for it. Now, that reduces a big headache about infrastructure.

Above all, the most captivating feature about AWS is you don’t need to have a heavy pocket to initiate the change. The installation happens at a rapid pace and it is extremely easy to understand how to use it. This ease of usability has reduced the charges towards improvement of change resistance in an organization. What is further surprising is it solves the biggest nightmare of every business, with the flexible pay option.

If you implement the technology today, you need to pay only for what you use. You upgrade the business and reduce data management expenses. This certainly appears promising!

AWS enhances productivity

AWS greatly impacts the business with its internal business intelligence feature. The websites hosted on this platform are scalable and expansion of business in the future do not demand additional expenses. The scientific computing technique gives the businesses a chance to take quick and accurate business decisions and does not take more time.

This platform of Amazon is promising as all your work gets automated. The deployment of the application does not demand for frequent maintenance structures as one can manage on their own. With an in-built range of APIs, AWS answers most pain concerns of a business.

If you are looking for a perfect technology solution for your business, think of AWS! Get in touch with BlazeClan to grab hold of this flexible and promising technology for your business to flourish forever!

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