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11 Key Criterias for Cloud Migration

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What if you decide to migrate to the Cloud, what next ? Should you be looking to migrate with a SaaS, PaaS or an IaaS model? Will the Private Cloud be ideal or whether the Public Cloud be a cost effective alternative? Well these are some of the common questions that need to be addressed before you think of migrating. As the picture suggests, its not merely a game of choosing a particular migration model.

In our last blog we discussed about the four major points Enterprises need to consider for a smooth migration and transition to the Cloud. These include getting things off the ground i.e the the Pre-work before the actual migration process. Next, aligning business objectives and functions while choosing the right cloud vendor. Also there is a need to monitor and optimize the process post the migration. So lets pick up where we left off last.

There are certain criterions that need to be looked at when we are planning a migration process. Selecting SaaS, PaaS or IaaS depends on certain aspects such as Service Level Agreement, Data Portability, Long Term Costs, User Management, Security, Scalability and Platform Management. Lets look what each of these one by one from the view points of the 3 types of services.

SaaS PaaS or IaaS?

Now let us look at the other commonly queried area, i.e Public or Private Cloud? Lets look at these two options from the criterions of WAN traffic, Data Security and Management, Legacy Application Integration and Security & Compliance.

Public or Private Cloud ?

Hope these criterions have helped you clear some of those migration related questions, we shall be publishing more content to provide you with a better picture of the Migration to Cloud.


–  For a quick take on our Phase Wise approach to Cloud Migration check out this Infographic.

–  You can find a detailed description of our Migration Techniques on SlideShare.


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