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It’s Music to Everyone’s Ears! Amazon Cloud’s Transcoder launches its Audio Support Today

Have you noticed that sometimes the video player in your Smartphone or PC is unable to play certain video Files? Well, that is because different video players of different devices support only a particular set of Video Codecs. Transcoding solves this issue.

The  Amazon Elastic Transcoder  allows you to convert your media files from one format to another, allowing files to be compatible with a wide array of gadgets (smartphones to PCs) and Video players running on those Gadgets. So no worries about servers, storage, scalability or other issues

Until now The Amazon Elastic Transcoder could only be used to Transcode video formats in general. However AWS today announced an additional feature Launch that will allow users to Transcode audio files as well. This has many advantages. You can transcode all your existing audio files such as music and/or podcasts and even use audio podcasts for iOS apps that require only audio. Now separate audio files from videos and then transcode them to a variety of File formats such as HLS, ACC or MP3 codecs.

As always AWS has created a pricing scheme with customers in focus, you can transcode at $0.0045 (less than 1/2 of a cent) per minute and you’ll also get 20mins of audio transcoding as a part of AWS’s Free Tier to experiment with files and formats to see which fits best.

So enjoy Transcoding! For more on Transcoding check out our Blogs & Slideshare.

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