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Blazeclan Gears Up With Its Business Continuity Plan Amid Pandemic COVID-19 Spread

The World Health Organization (WHO) declares coronavirus (COVID-19) as ‘pandemic.’ There is a lot that organizations are looking to implement a business continuity plan while they strategize their response. We all know that social distancing is how we can curtail the COVID-19 spread. The WHO, as well as the governments around the world, are rolling out guidelines and initiatives to stave off its impacts.

Employees are key assets and imperative resources for organizations and businesses across the globe. The first and most essential step for businesses is to empower their real resource, employees, in this time of global crisis. It is time that they create a robust business continuity plan to communicate with the employees regarding the policies and guidelines for maintaining the same.

Blazeclan has already started playing its part regarding its business continuity plan.

Measures That We Have Implemented

We are closely keeping track of the COVID-19’s spread. With abundant caution in mind, we have implemented a series of measures. These measures are helping us effectively address the epidemic efficiently. Our management is going the extra mile to support every clanmate in working effectively from their home. They are continuously monitoring the situation and adjusting the scope of the guidance. Also, they are ensuring that this remote workforce remains connected and their productivity remains unchallenged.

Building Habits Around Good Hygiene and Limiting Travel

Our business continuity plan critically involves helping the clanmates understand risks while implementing practices to mitigate them. This is to ensure that our operations continue seamlessly. To combat the coronavirus outbreak we constantly strive to define policies, sound practices and resources, while communicating with our clanmates with regular updates from the leadership. We continuously stay connected through our virtual desktops and offer proper, regular guidance on how teams and leaders can operate effectively even through a remote workforce.

We also have regular reminders for our clanmates regarding safety and hygiene practices that they must follow to prevent being affected by the virus. These practices include the way of conducting oneself while coughing or sneezing, regular use of sanitizers, tissues and soaps. We have also enacted a policy that ensures all business travel to be suspended temporarily while discouraging personal travels as well. We believe that building these practices now will avoid painful drills that possibly come with ignorance after.

Leveraging Remote Working For Continued Business

As part of our strategy, we have a  robust work-from-home (WFH) capability. We employ the desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution to make this happen. Collaboration remains the key to our daily operations. We work together through our communication platform in the Workplace by Facebook.

Our BCP taskforce ensures that all our clanmates are equipped for WFH. This helps us in supporting them in their concerns of closures, lockdowns, and safety against public travel. This team has worked hard to ensure all our resources get their virtual systems on time while setting up the VPNs almost simultaneously. They have also ensured that everyone is equipped with the right tools and technologies in a bid to create an effective remote workforce. Our teams constantly strive to solve contemporary issues related to VPN settings.

It is highly imperative to continue interacting and working together while staying motivated and maintaining safety. Although we are not together physically, we share our experience on our communication platform to keep each other inspired and aware while having fun. Our BCP taskforce works hard in being prepared for stronger versions of lockdown while enabling our clanmates to work from home effectively.

These Times Are Challenging, But We Are Up For It

We believe that for successful business operations, in times of crisis like the coronavirus outbreak, trusting our clanmates is most important. Also, we are committed to helping and empowering our clanmates to continue working safely and remotely to keep the business moving forward. This eventually ensures continued business with all of our customers & partners. Also, we ensure that the SLAs and uptime are well-maintained for all our customers & partners globally. In order to maintain control over these, we leverage intelligent automation tools while rebalancing workloads across operations.

These times are challenging. The implications and impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak are far-reaching. Blazeclan is supporting various governments globally through funds for helping them serve humanity. Not only our organization but several clanmates are also making contributions for doing their part in this initiative. Moreover, we are increasingly investing time to enable a smooth digital transformation of our customers through an effective BCP. This way, we are doing everything in our capabilities to prevent any disruption to business operations and client service while protecting our employees with both hands.

Here are glimpses of some of our remote clanmates contributing to organizational productivity while maintaining a safe and fun work-from-home life, like taking #WFHSelfies.

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