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Game Creators Jumping on the Cloud Bandwagon

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The ever-changing requirements of gamers have always pushed the gaming industry to adopt new technologies. Any new technologies must be welcomed with open arms for a positive change in the industry. It is the key to new opportunities and creates a scope for the development of new ecosystems. The gaming industry demands innovation and better user experience. From consoles to the latest cloud gaming, we have always got an opportunity to witness something new. 

A few years ago, we only had a handful of players who dominated the gaming industry. The scenario has now drastically changed with the entry of big players like Google, Apple, and Microsoft in the arena. They are trying to do away with the consoles and project the cloud gaming as the future of the industry. Most of the game creators are happy about these new ecosystems, and we are going to tell you why.

Expected Cloud Gaming Platforms

Cloud gaming is not new, and it has been there for a while. It has gained the limelight recently after the announcements made by tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Google is rolling out its new service Stadia, Apple is developing Arcade, and Microsoft is also throwing its weight behind unnamed initiative Project xCloud. 

All the cloud gaming services are expected to be released by 2019. Sony already has its platform PlayStation up and running. Many big players in the gaming industry like Nintendo are yet to make announcements. Game creators like EA have their cloud platform to publish the game.

What’s in it for Game Creators/Publishers?

The biggest advantage of cloud gaming for game creators lies in publishing the game. They can now publish the game using any of the services or own platforms without thinking much about the gaming hardware. Gamers can access their favorite games through the smartphone, smart TV, PC, and even a simple web browser. Cloud gaming service is a real boon for the game publishers who publish multiplayer games. 

You can now realize the true potential of cross-platform gaming at a global level. With the help of leading data analytics and deep
machine learning tools integrated into these platforms, you can optimize player engagement and preferences. It helps you to monetize your offerings better, and it can also help you to define your free to play models.

Jump on the Cloud Bandwagon

The entire gaming culture is about to change. We are very excited about the opportunities that the cloud brings in to the game publishing arena. Gamers need not update their hardware regularly. Imagine how much a gamer can save using the cloud gaming platform. Ultimately you the game publisher has total control overreaching your gamers. You can demand a fortune from service providers or build your own platform to earn from the subscription. 

You can have a direct relationship with the users and understand your gamer’s requirements through deep analytics. You can gather requirements and release new games based on it. You can save 20-30% that a distributor charges on the game distribution if you jump to the cloud. In terms of monetization, the game as a service model offers better leverage and establishes a direct relationship with gamers. 

Distributors vs Cloud Platform

When it comes to revenue sharing, distributors have always created problems for game creators. Many leading distributors like Steam offers 70/30 split for the first $10 million in sales, and few other competitors also offer a 90/10 split. Cloud gaming eliminates all these hiccups. You can either create your cloud platforms or use services like Stadia, Arcade, or Project xCloud to publish games and build a direct relationship with your user base. You no longer need to share the profit if you own a platform.

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