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How Amazon Textract Makes Information Extraction Easy

Organizations often find themselves hung up in tedious tasks of managing documents and data to achieve meaningful engagement with their customers. There are always areas of business processes where automation is challenging. Technology a business process automation enabler.

Amazon Textract is one such technology that allows organizations to get a higher ROI through investments in data warehousing and information extraction. This further helps them in realizing seamless customer engagement and making incisive decisions.

Although businesses are moving fast toward the digital world, there are still some physical documents that cannot be completely eliminated from dependency.

Considering this, analyzing large amounts of data stored in unstructured or structured documents and information extraction from these documents for optimized access and usage is imperative. Also, this is important during the transaction, communication, or collaboration on the data within the organization.

Amazon Textract – Thinking Beyond Optical Character Recognition

Most solutions of optical character recognition (OCR) help organizations extract text from documents to make them accessible by search engines. However, there are only a few OCR solutions that offer enhanced capabilities with the need for applications or tools.

Textract delivers organizations with capabilities that go beyond optical character recognition, which is not only collecting the information but also identifying its source.

With Textract, organizations achieve capabilities of performing standard character recognition by understanding the alignment and formatting of the information. This is done fundamentally by identifying and establishing focus points around important information areas for driving a proactive extraction process.

Why is Amazon Textract Beneficial?

Organizations can process forms, tables, and texts in the documents automatically without human intervention through Amazon Textract. For example, a cash management company can automate the process of reconciliations and realize significant effort reduction of over 60%. Textract uses machine learning for instantly reading all kinds of documents and extracting accurate information and data. This further helps organizations in the automation of document workflow, enabling them to process voluminous documents while saving time.

Key Advantages of Amazon Textract

Amazon Textract follows deep learning with a highly scalable approach for analyzing documents, images, and videos. It has been touted to lower entry barriers to the optical character recognition technology for organizations. Following are some of the key benefits of using this technology.

  • Text Extraction: Textract helps organizations adopt the OCR in a better way with the help of machine learning that detects even printed numbers or text in a scanned document. This is particularly useful in the case of critical reports or legal documents to find and avoid possible disputes between trade.
  • Table Extraction: Organizations can extract tables found in the documents, which are provided into requirement-specific formats. These formats include spreadsheets and CSV files. The extracted data can further be uploaded automatically into databases run on predefined protocols.
  • Form Extraction: It helps organizations in extracting data represented in the format of forms within documents. This can further be used for various applications. It facilitates setting up automated processes to accept all types of incoming requests, filling those requests into the desired system, and taking the information for subsequent procedures.

Amazon has recently added the feature of handwriting recognition into its Textract technology, which extracts handwritten information from critical documents in English. This includes all kinds of texts, ranging from free-form to data put in tables. The new feature also enables Textract to identify and extract information from documents having a mix of different handwriting types. Also, Textract now supports new languages, including Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German.

To Sum Up

As businesses are embracing the digital revolution faster than ever. Creating smart search indexes, maintaining compliance posture through document archival rules, and building automated approval workflows is imperative. Amazon Textract helps organizations achieve all this, along with information extraction. It is a ready-to-use solution by Amazon that simplifies complicated problems for organizations.

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