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What Opportunities Will Hybrid Cloud Bring for Enterprises in Imminent Future?

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The hybrid cloud model is becoming the new standard for future infrastructure. Studies indicate that the hybrid cloud market is estimated to reach $ 1 trillion in 2020, as CSPs draw out aggressive strategies to uphold exhaustive enterprise hybrid cloud adoption. A key reason behind the evolution of the hybrid cloud is the realization among enterprises that not everything fits perfectly in a single, traditional environment.

2019 has been a year where organizations realized the edge of hybrid cloud in achieving operational efficiency and workplace performance. As industries move to different cloud approaches, it has been seen that the hybrid cloud model is the most promising way to balance the agility and scalability needed by organizations. Also, this can be done along with the maintenance of data security to fulfill regulatory requirements.

The Opportune Potential of Hybrid Cloud

It is not a choice but a necessity that enterprises embrace the hybrid cloud approach. From scalability to cost optimization provided by the public cloud to reliability and security provided by the private cloud, organizations are able to leverage combined benefits, even as mitigating the risk factor. While cloud technologies are becoming mainstream in the IT space, it is highly likely that hybrid solutions remain key to survival in the ever-changing business landscape.

Although global organizations have ventured into cloud computing, most of then lack the vision. This is because many are yet to carry over 30% of their workload in the cloud. Provided with the impediments to initial cloud migration, enterprises are now embracing a hybrid cloud approach, which has become the ‘de facto’ standard for the modern IT environment.

Notable Opportunities That Hybrid Cloud Brings

A hybrid cloud is expected to bring lucrative opportunities for organizations that embrace the model. With the hybrid cloud, organizations will be able to decide which services or applications will remain in the private cloud or public cloud. This combination of private and public ensures to rid overburdening of their private cloud. This will create additional security.

Organizations will also be able to manage their services and databases in a relatively more efficient way with the hybrid cloud. The private cloud serves as the hosting environment for sensitive data while the public cloud offers scalability. Enterprises usually prefer the public cloud for testing the viability of their new applications, owing to its cost-effective nature. The hybrid cloud approach will enable organizations to blend scalability and security respectively from both worlds to their business-critical requirements.

Hybrid cloud solutions will bring added resilience to the backup & recovery strategies, which will enable data distribution among off-premise and on-premise resources. Established enterprises are measuring a successful hybrid cloud adoption in weeks from ‘idea to execution.’ To reach there, organizations are navigating unlimited technical options, for both operations and application teams. Companies that make the right choice for their hybrid cloud are expected to realize greater business success by driving new market opportunities. 

The Way Forward

As the hybrid cloud model fast becomes the standard, there is a dire need for mitigating challenges to its adoption. Businesses must bank on an ecosystem of established processes, solutions, offerings, and trusted partners to be agile, competitive, and drive new customer experiences. The next phase of transformation is all about the shift of important business applications to a hybrid cloud, which will involve on-prem and multicloud environments. This will help enterprises to launch new services faster, which presumptuously seemed impossible. The hybrid cloud is pegged to be the bright future of Enterprise IT.

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