ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

Letter from Expert - Technology Industry

It is evident that technology nationalism is snowballing, and its impact on global commerce is immense. If I have to name a few, these impacts would be stringent regulations of ownership and privacy, limitations on export, and a rise in taxes. Digital disruption has been removing the boundaries between technology and other industries, with a common demand for data, flexible business models, and hybrid cloud adoption.

We can see a dynamic shift from traditional systems to cloud environments among technology companies. Moreover, the concerns of cybercrime and data security have prompted an encrypted storage approach for the cloud as well as legacy environments. With customers preferring flexible cloud-based products and services, technology companies are realigning business processes, modernizing their infrastructure, and tracking various performance indicators.

I believe that technology companies must focus on leveraging cloud computing’s capabilities in combination with automation tools and data analytics to streamline their operations and increase agility. It will not only help them maintain a competitive edge but also respond quickly to changing customer expectations and mitigate risks arising from geopolitical factors. Moreover, the technology industry must emphasize moving to a consumption-based business model to prevent economic volatility and avail higher valuations from investors.

It goes without saying that artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), robotic process automation (RPA), and the cloud will all together allow technology companies to go agile and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Customer loyalty remains a top emphasis area, pushing technology leaders to work on long-term benefits such as insights-driven decision-making, data security, and last but not least, energy efficiency. Data is the most important aspect here. Deriving real-time insights from large volumes of data paves new growth frontiers while enhancing customer experience.

Innovation is top of the mind of companies amid the technology revolution. It has compelled them to work closely with cloud service providers for multiplied

innovation, competitive differentiation, and improved ROIs. Technology advancements have a pivotal role in accelerating success for businesses across industry sectors, and with most organizations worldwide looking to become digital-first, opportunities are imminent in the technology industry.

I think that lack of talent is the main inhibitor to the technology companies’ growth, which impedes their digital transformation efforts. To address this, they should leverage a contingent workforce for filling the gaps of expertise required. They must hire highly skilled talent while upskilling their existing workforce to fit well and contribute to the business objectives. Companies must identify and track down the necessary talent if they look to make the most of next-generation technologies.

Despite challenges, I believe that the technology sector has numerous growth prospects, with digital transformation and the cloud as key enablers. Moving forward, companies must maximize connected technologies and automation to streamline operations, achieve high speed-to-market, drive sustainability, and offer a seamless customer experience.