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The Skroutz-Blazeclan Partnership: Successful Blueprint for Cloud Migration​

About Skroutz

Skroutz operates Greece’s largest marketplace, with millions of products from thousands of online stores across various categories. The company aims to provide the best consumer experience, from discovery to checkout, delivery and after-sales support, helping more than 8 million users make their purchases every month.

The Focus On Reliability, Innovation, and Collaboration

Skroutz drives to improve its business by focusing on several key factors. Firstly, they aim to ensure that their systems and processes are reliable, secure, and scalable to provide their customers with the best possible experience. Secondly, Skroutz is determined to maintain a competitive edge by experimenting with innovative technologies to enhance its platform. As pioneers in the Greek e-commerce market, they are always eager to push the boundaries of what is possible. Thirdly, Skroutz places a strong emphasis on collaboration between teams to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their decision-making and implementation processes.​

Common Obstacles in Cloud Migration​

To successfully migrate to the cloud, Skroutz needed to overcome some challenges, such as:​

  • Developing a clear and efficient migration strategy and roadmap to avoid potential pitfalls and risks.​
  • Ensuring minimal disruption to operations and customer experience during the transition to the cloud.​
  • Embracing cloud technology and adapting to new possibilities while maintaining momentum and enthusiasm among their internal teams.​
  • Understanding the benefits of the cloud, modernising their environment according to best practices.​
  • Aligning their business model to cloud advantages, leveraging the economical nature of the cloud.​

Skroutz Trusts Blazeclan’s Delivery Framework for its Cloud Migration Success​

Blazeclan assisted Skroutz in fulfilling its innovation vision by providing them with an agile and efficient migration framework, on-time deliveries, and reduced costs using various AWS services.

The first step included the Assess phase of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) framework. It involved a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) and a rapid discovery process to understand Skroutz’s current state, pros & cons, and gaps with a cloud-ready enterprise. Blazeclan also implemented AWS Landing Zone to accelerate the setup of a secure and scalable multi-account AWS environment with a strong baseline foundation, including services like AWS KMS, AWS WAF, and Amazon Route53.​

Steps were taken to set up and demonstrate Terraform templates, enabling hands-on experience and turning participants into solution architects. The migration’s Mobilize and Modernize phases proceeded smoothly thanks to Blazeclan’s migration framework, which allowed teams to work effectively and leverage AWS ECS to containerise their applications. 

Blazeclan also helped Skroutz utilise Amazon ElastiCache for faster data access, Amazon SQS for scalable and reliable applications, and Amazon Aurora for high availability and fault tolerance. AWS ALB was used to distribute traffic across Amazon EC2 instances hosting migrated applications. AWS S3 provided efficient storage and Amazon SES facilitated email communication.​


“Skroutz is the leading digital marketplace in Greece, committed to providing the best experience for consumers and merchants alike. In order to accelerate our growth and pace of innovation, we made the strategic decision to move from an on-premises infrastructure to the AWS cloud. We partnered with Blazeclan to help us get started with the journey and navigate a territory we were not very familiar with. Through detailed planning, efficient communication and accurate execution, Blazeclan's team helped us bootstrap our cloud infrastructure and migrate existing workloads to the cloud faster than we expected. We will definitely consider partnering with Blazeclan again for future projects.”​

Apollon Oikonomopoulos, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Skroutz S.A.​

Economical, Secure, and Always Available: The Advantages of Cloud ​

Blazeclan’s expert guidance, combined with Skroutz’s mature and adaptive approach, led to a successful cloud migration with the following outcomes:​

  • Skroutz was able to leverage cloud services and deliver new products earlier than expected.​
  • Skroutz attained a 60% reduction in cloud costs through AWS’s MAP program.​
  • The migration process was faster than the initial Skroutz’s plan​
  • Enhanced security and compliance were achieved while still giving Skroutz control over its cloud environment.​
  • High availability and fault tolerance were achieved, resulting in a seamless customer experience.​
  • Skroutz saved nearly 60% of costs due to the adoption of AWS MAP.​

Tech Stack

Amazon EC2​Amazon Aurora​Amazon ECS​
Amazon ElastiCache​Amazon SQS​Amazon SES​
Amazon S3​AWS Landing Zone​AWS KMS​
Amazon Route 53​AWS SSO​AWS Organizations​
AWS Transit Gateway​AWS Site-to-Site VPN​