ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Amazon WorkSpaces Helped the Customer Achieve Infrastructure Optimization and Improved Productivity

About Customer

The customer is an independent asset manager, catering to high net worth private clients and institutional investors. With the vision to serve its clients with high-quality and tailored financial solutions, the customer decided to invest in enabling a technology infrastructure that provides scalability to enable business growth, information security, and cost-efficiency.

The Challenge

The customer’s business expansion has thrown up challenges such as management of complex systems, number of users, and multiple-device configuration. In addition, a large proportion of employees are on the field ensuring business development activities round-the-clock.

Information security is an inherent requisite in the wealth management business. It is imperative to have a technology platform wherein the employees can only access information and perform those tasks for which they have the entitlements and authorization. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure secure access to each authorized employee, with proper entitlements, while ensuring uncompromised performance.

Further, there are ever-growing threats of cyber-attacks on the systems that are becoming more virulent and audacious. With employees having an option to access applications from remote locations, a tailored solution platform is therefore required, that allows the continuous, yet seamless function of applications throughout the day, each day.

The Solution

Having performed a comprehensive and meticulous review of the client’s work environment and challenges, Blazeclan Technologies suggested the implementation of Amazon WorkSpaces that can allow workers to decide the devices of their choice and gain instant access to the information for their business needs. The platform additionally guarantees WorkSpaces security.

The Approach Followed

Blazeclan used a range of AWS cloud services to implement the solution for the client.

  • Amazon WorkSpaces acted as the virtual private cloud. It allows access to confidential data from any device irrespective of the operating system within a secured server.
  • Two availability zones were created, the reasons for which were two-fold – to avoid any chaos and discrepancies in gaining access, and to handle the immense workload.
  • The first availability zone was created exclusively to host the WorkSpaces host server. The reason being that it would help monitor the nodes and the links to subnets / independent WorkSpaces.
  • The other availability zone managed the functions with the help of FactERP server app private subnet, Bastion server public subnet, and multiple WorkSpaces/directory controller / AD connector. The WorkSpaces are connected with their respective AD private subnets.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

The customer was pleased with the technology disruption solutions presented to them. The cost-effectiveness of Amazon WorkSpaces, with its no upfront cost model (usage-based consumption model), was of good value to the customer and its employees. The provisioning of the Windows desktop environment was backed with high-security measures.

The customer’s employees were able to gain instant access to confidential data and applications of their choice. Reduction in wait time or delays has inversely led to improved productivity. The solution of infrastructure optimization does not demand VDI solutions on-premises, which in turn significantly curbed capital expenditure. With minimum infrastructure, operations were improved with enhanced controls and security protocols.

  • Offered an effective method to measure WorkSpaces performance with fundamental variables like collection performance data and performance baseline.
  • Instant permissions issued to upgrade account, join the domain, and increase storage space available on the WorkSpaces; which has been instrumental in enhancing productivity.

Tech Stack

Amazon WorkSpaces Amazon IAM Amazon EC2
Amazon Directory Service Amazon VPC