ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Automated Reporting and Lead Management Reduced ~30% Efforts of Front Line Sales for the Customer

The customer is a long-term life-insurance provider, offering group as well as individual insurance services. The customer approached Blazeclan for helping their sales representatives track the partner and lead visits. The existing application of the customer was on android and managing it was difficult. The application also faced issues such as operational lags.

Blazeclan proposed a solution that involved the development of a web-based application, which would be independent of any device or platform. The solution fit well with the insurance life cycle of the customer, enabling better distribution cycle, optimized sales cycle, and improved sales efficiency. The day-to-day routine activities of customer’s sales team has been significantly improved with the geo-based application.

The Challenge

The customer’s existing sales enablement platform was facing difficulties in managing day-to-day activities and operations were not seamless. They wanted their sales enablement platform to be scalable and facilitate geofencing functionalities for tracking their leads and partner visits even as keeping a constant check on the appointments. Previously, the first-line sales (FLS) personnel captured the data from tools and excel documents. However this manual capture of data was inconvenient and caused errors in data collation and management.

The Solution

The customer wanted their sales enablement platform to accurately identify the traffic and visits based on locations globally. Blazeclan proposed the customer with a solution that offered a Geo-based lead management platform to help the customer’s sales representatives track the partner and lead visits with precision and take incisive actions.

The Approach

  • Revamping the existing sales enablement platform of the customer to develop new models and functionalities.
  • Transforming the manual efforts taken for data capture into automated data capture through standard and dynamic templates.
  • The new Geo-based lead management platform was developed using AWS services by implementing state-of-the-art technology and cloud hosting.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

  • The new sales enablement platform enabled the customer to track daily meetings and visits from partners along with potential, convertible leads.
  • The AWS-based sales enablement platform delivered high scalability and performance, with online database including the monthly details of visits and meetings for use by the customer’s management team.
  • The geo-based lead management helped the customer to achieve efficient and seamless lead generation as well as scheduling or meetings.
  • The solution delivered the customer with management information system (MIS) reports on day-to-day activities, in turn enabling better decision-making.
  • The geo-based application developed is based on an event-based architecture implemented using AWS Lambda.

Tech Stack

AWS Lambda Amazon DynamoDB Amazon SNS
Amazon SES Amazon S3 Amazon API Gateway
Amazon CloudFront Amazon CloudWatch Amazon ECS
Amazon ECR Amazon Pinpoint Amazon Athena
AWS Fargate Flutter