ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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AXA Affin Scales Up Its Control and Flexibility in Data Processing Through Cloud-Native Master Data Management System​

About AXA Affin General Insurance

Incorporated in Malaysia in 1975, AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad (AAGI) is an associate company of AFFIN Bank Berhad. As one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Malaysia, AAGI supports over 1.8 million Malaysians to protect what matters to them.​

As part of its focus to improve efficiencies with their existing master data management platform, AAGI plans to implement its data on AWS cloud. Blazeclan was commissioned to do a detailed assessment on their ecosystem and drive the implementation and modernization of data on AWS cloud.​

The Need for Efficient and Cost-Effective Data Management​

The existing master data management platform of AAGI faced data integrity issues and incurred added cost. They were looking to reduce dependency on ETL tools and implement their data on a highly scalable and available platform for a smooth data management. This led them to opt for AWS cloud.

Blazeclan understood AAGI’s need well by conducting a detailed assessment of their ecosystem and prepared a robust modernization plan for their data. AAGI was primarily looking for​

  • Replacing the existing master data management platform with native AWS services​
  • Integrating the data lake with downstream SFDC application​​

Blazeclan’s Data Modernization Solution​

Blazeclan proposed AAGI an optimal data modernization solution, which involved replacement of their existing master data management system with a native cloud solution on AWS for cost optimization. This would carry out the deduplication and organized structuring as visualized by AAGI. The structure was required to be methodical and sorted into​

  • Identification number of the client​​
  • Name​​
  • Date of birth​​​

The solution also involved reprocessing the data from source systems, by utilizing the new MDM system. This data was then reloaded in Amazon RDS and AAGI’s data lake. The approach involved​

  • Ingestion of unprocessed data from source systems and moving the data to Amazon S3 by utilizing the AWS SFTP service.​
  • Storing the unprocessed data in S3 Bucket for ETL-based processing, performed by using AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, and the data processing logic. This was to facilitate the matching and merging of AAGI’s data from their existing system to the new environment.​​​
  • Storing the processed data in Amazon S3 for easy but secure accessibility and integrating it with Amazon Redshift. This warehousing system would look after the data maintenance and querying for further validation.​​​​
  • The data from Redshift will then be moved to SFDC by using the SFDC Bulk API 2.0​​​​​

"Blazeclan has shown tremendous resilience and commitment during this customer 360 project. They were able to operate in an agile way and deliver the expected business benefits on time, making this project a success."​

Stephane Porquier, Head of Data & Analytics at AAGI ​

Benefits Achieved by AAGI​

  • Cost Reduction: Replacing existing master data management with AWS native services helped AAGI reduce cost significantly.​​​
  • High Control and Flexibility in Data Processing: By implementing the MDM system on AWS cloud from scratch enabled AAGI to achieve complete control over their data. Moreover, automation of the data pipeline, from ingestion and processing to SFDC integration and orchestration using AWS Step Functions, facilitated AAGI to monitor their workflow in a highly organized manner.​
  • Improved Experience for Clients: MDM integration with the data lake and implementing the data on the SFDC platform improved the end user experience dramatically. It helped them with complete information at just the click of a button, speeding up the process while mitigating human errors and saving time.​​​​

Tech Stack

AWS CLI​ Amazon RDS​ Amazon S3​
AWS Step Functions​ Amazon Glue​ AWS Lambda​
Amazon Redshift​ Source Systems​ SFDC Bulk API 2.0​