ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Blazeclan Helped Yoodo Enhance User Activations Ratio Using A Robust Data Management Platform

Launched in January 2018, Yoodo is an independent digital mobile service provider, operated and owned by Celcom Axiata Berhad. Yoodo is Malaysia’s first truly customizable mobile service that features complete transparency, flexibility, and customer convenience. It was seeking a data lake solution to offer role-based access to selected business users and enable data insights for better decision making.


The Need For A Single Data Lake Environment


Yoodo had the potential to benefit from its online customers and was looking for a proper data management solution to leverage from this opportunity. Initially, the company didn’t have any data management platform and it was difficult to derive insights that were essential to meet their business-critical objectives. Yoodo came forth to Blazeclan with a requirement to establish a cloud-based data management solution based on a single data lake environment. It was seeking for an effective data management solution that provides role-based access to the defined set of business users, which in turn would empower them to derive data insights on demand.


How Blazeclan Helped Yoodo to Realize its Data Management Goals


As a totally 100% digital service provider, Yoodo has the opportunity to leverage its online customers on a regular basis and derive comprehensive insight into their customer’s profile of purchase history, app user journeys, locations, and devices. To realize this opportunity, the following was required:


  • A robust data management platform powerful and flexible enough to handle multiple data feeds on the hour every hour.  For the first phase, it was decided to limit this to seven data sources. The fact that we may be required to handle unstructured data at a future phase was factored into the selection of data management platforms. 

  • The S3 Serverless Architecture was used for the management of the data lake; Redshift for the normalized data model and Lambda services for the end to end ETL process. 

  • Data was gathered from multiple data sources and ingested into the S3 Data Lake where all data was cleansed, transformed & normalized into the Yoodo Redshift Data Model.

  • One positive side effect of this process was that any data anomalies discovered by the cleansing & mapping process could be reviewed and passed back to Yoodo for rectification. 

  • PII Data was identified and stored in S3 Raw format, with highly restricted user access. 

  • Similarly, Financial Data transactions are stored in a separate schema within Redshift and only accessible by the finance team.


Key Benefits that Yoodo Gained with Blazeclan’s Solution


  • The system enables Yoodo to correlate certain customer data for the first time, providing a much more holistic view of customers. For example, as well as being able to track customer purchasing history, we can also review their user journeys when utilizing the Yoodo app & identify issues within the user journeys, which could be impacting the number of successful activations.

  • Automation and hourly data ingestion enable Yoodo business users to have an up to date view of business performance and customer behavior. 

  • The Platform enables the use of an advanced reporting/dashboard tool (Tableau) providing greater control to individual business stakeholders, empowering self-service reporting and analytics. All business users can now use customer data to drive their daily decision making.   

  • Practical business benefits include:

    • Quickly identifying irregular behaviors in orders, activations, boosters, payments, terminations by providing rectification and customer communication. Creating targeted promos based on customer’s needs.

    • Identifying blockers within the activation process and thereby increasing the number of activations.

    • Deploying more-advanced predictive analytics on top of the platform e.g. Churn Management.

  • The provision of up to date, correlated customer data has a direct benefit to the speed to market and quality of campaigns and promos, while enabling lower levels of microsegment granularity.

  • The restricted access to PII and finance data, allows Yoodo to protect customer data, comply with regulatory, and ensure the integrity of its financial data. 

  • The use of a cloud-based, scalable architecture ensures a cost-effective solution for Yoodo’s needs.


Tech Stack


Amazon S3

Amazon Lambda

Amazon KMS

AWS Secrets Manager

Amazon SNS

AWS Athena

Amazon Elasticsearch

AWS Glue

AWS Kibana

Amazon EMR

Amazon Redshift

AWS Step Functions

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudTrail

Tableau BI Tool