ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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Cloud Technology Enabled the Customer to Automate Routine Tasks and Minimize Downtime

The customer is a next-generation technology solutions and services firm that enables modern commerce for organizations with complex supply chains. Their customers consist of over 2,000 organizations worldwide, ranging from large global brands and retailers to regional manufacturing and distribution companies. The customer specializes in Business Intelligence, ERP, Merchandise Planning, Omnichannel, Mobile, EDI, Managed Analytics, and Supply Chain Strategy.

The Challenge

With continued improvements in their modern commerce capabilities by integrating business processes from source to customer, the customer wanted a dedicated partner who could become an IT Support Arm to manage the infrastructure, monitor the application logs, and provide actionable insights.

The Solution

The customer leveraged Blazeclan’s expertise in managing AWS services to provide comprehensive infrastructure managed services.

The team was involved in the 24×7 monitoring of AWS infrastructure and monitoring of applications for the production, staging and non-production environments. Blazeclan provided managed infrastructure services to complement the customer’s IT capabilities including:

  • Implementation of cloud monitoring platform (CMP) tool for managing cloud components- virtual machines-EC2, storage-EBS, S3, network & security, identity and access management, load balancer-ELB, and other cloud service offerings.
  • Provide access to monitor health/system utilization through a dashboard.
  • Monitor the AWS resources and custom alert notifications to update on application-related issues.
  • SLA has driven technical support to ensure response times are met when problems occur to maintain the highest level of system uptime.
  • Provide dashboard and reporting framework to maintain visibility into overall system performance.
  • Deliver backups and snapshots of application servers and database.

Security and Compliance

By leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blazeclan ensured comprehensive security for customer’s business-critical application in AWS and advised best practices to strengthen their security even further to continuously thwart attacks.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

  • Reduced Cost: With the well-defined service level agreement, the customer was adept to reduce costs and deliver the highest quality of service to their customers.
  • High Availability: The level of reliability with the CMP Platform has ensured 100 per cent availability, security and scalability.
  • The Team Focuses on Innovation, Not Maintenance: Tailor-made Managed Services platform has contributed substantially to the ability of the customer to concentrate on the core competencies instead of getting bogged down in managing servers. Blazeclan’s CMP enabled automation of routine tasks, minimize downtime and most significantly focus on innovation.
  • Improved Security & Compliance: With robust control policies, the customer was able to meet the compliance obligation.

Tech Stack

Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon VPC