ITC Infotech acquires Blazeclan Technologies to enhance Multi-Cloud services and fast-track digital transformation

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The Customer Saved Up To 30% On IT Operations By Migrating To The Cloud​

About the Company

The customer is a leading food & beverage organization, holding great expertise and prominent standing in the F&B business. They are among the oldest companies and their brand enjoys the rare distinction of being a market leader and household name in many categories.

The Challenge

After over a decade of operations in traditional data centers, the customer’s business stakeholders faced the need for a more nimble and cost-effective hosting solution. The customer had a directive of migrating to the AWS cloud and partnered with Blazeclan for cloud consulting and migration.​​

The customer was looking for cloud migration and complete transformation for business agility & cost benefits. Over 10+ on-premise applications needed to be migrated and a plan was required for shutting down one of their data centers by FY 2015. Business requirements included cloud advisory services, migration planning, and short migration timeframe.​

The Solution

As part of this engagement, Blazeclan took a discovery-based approach for understanding the customer’s infrastructure, network, storage, application, and other business processes. Respective teams identified and mapped the applications, dependencies, and criticality to chart a plan for migrating all their applications from on-premise to AWS cloud.​

The team worked through the design and implementation challenges that go along with migrating applications to AWS, devised a migration strategy, and built the infrastructure in the new AWS environment using AWS EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudFront, AWS ELB, and Amazon S3.​

Blazeclan’s team of certified solution architects have successfully migrated the customer’s applications from a traditional hosting facility to AWS, decommissioning one of their data centers, and providing them the desired cost benefits. The team of certified SAs executed the migration plan in three phases:

  1. Infrastructure Discovery: This phase included architecting the environment and applying network level configurations, defining security groups, evaluating infrastructure gaps and providing recommendations.​
  2. Application Discovery: The numbers of applications were identified for migration in this phase. These applications were majorly off the shelf products and were managed and maintained by third parties. Cloud-readiness for these applications was evaluated and then appropriate changes were made.​
  3. Process Discovery: In this phase, various monitoring tools like New-Relic, CloudWatch, etc. were implemented for application and infrastructure monitoring on a dynamic environment. The mechanism was put in place for integrating and tracking requests and issues.​​


  • High Availability: Successful deployment of the applications on the cloud resulted in making them highly available in nature.​
  • Scalability: The customer achieved the ability to scale their applications as and when required along with granular-level control of the environment.​
  • Cost savings: Successful migration of the data center helped the customer close their traditional data center in 2015, thereby saving up to 30% on existing IT operations cost.​

Tech Stack

Amazon EC2 Amazon CloudFront Amazon S3​
Amazon VPC Amazon DynamoDB AWS Import/Export